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Welcome to the Mother’s Empowerment Podcast where we help you build an empowering lifestyle from the inside out by keeping it simple, inspiring, and doable. Look for a new episode every Tuesday.

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Self-care and Self-compassion

Tuesday Jun 27, 2023

Tuesday Jun 27, 2023

Elizabeth Sautter, MA, CCC-Speech Language Pathologist has specialized in social communication, emotional regulation and executive functioning for over 25 years in the schools and her private center. She strives to provide neurodiverse affirming therapy, training, resources and an online course for parents with a passion to make it simple and sprinkled into everyday life as an “add IN, not add ON” to everyday routines and activities. Elizabeth is the author of Make Social and Emotional Learning Stick! Practical Activities to Manage Emotional, Navigate Social Situations and Reduce Anxiety and other resources to support parents and families infuse social-emotional well-being into everyday routines and activities ( She resides in California, with her husband, two sons, and fur babies.
Links mentioned:
Direct to the new resources, journal and coloring:
Direct to my book, Make Social and Emotional Learning Stick:
Kristen Neff:

Tuesday Jun 20, 2023

I’m so excited to introduce to you my mentor and dear friend, Peta Bastian. Learn more about her at

Tuesday Jun 13, 2023

In this episode of The Mother's Empowerment Podcast you can experience the emotional benefits of Tapping as Leah Recor leads you through a tapping experience inviting you to release anxiety and overwhelm.
With certifications as a practitioner of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Neurolinguistic Programming, Leah knows how to use psychology as her go-to for life and business success. Not only has applying neurology to her business models expedited her success in building her own brands, but it converted networks into authentic connections, fast-tracked strategy for increasing product sales and client conversion, and created lasting employee satisfaction. Please enjoy Leah's workshop at You can also find her at her Facebook Business Page and on instagram at

Reset Your Meal Plan

Tuesday Jun 06, 2023

Tuesday Jun 06, 2023

Have you ever heard the words “meal prep” only to imagine tupperwares full of plain chicken, rice, and green beans?
Maybe you genuinely want to eat healthier and plan ahead, but you find yourself overwhelmed by the process, and well, you don’t have six hours to prep food every Sunday. (Who does?)
In this episode, Michel Fox shares with us some practical ways you can plan your meals ahead and be intentional about nourishing your body throughout the week - without having to spend hours prepping or eating the same meal every day.
So grab a snack and tune in.
And if you want to dive into more ways to make meal planning really simple, check out Michele's website: You'll learn how to develop weekly rhythms, time block your week to be more productive, and meal prep healthy meals using a quick and simple system.

Tuesday May 30, 2023

Katherine is a money mentor, accountant, and team leader at the Bookkeeping Artist (BKA). Her Money Storytelling framework helps you bridge the gap between getting great financial advice and actually using it to support your business. This was such an inspiring conversation.
If you believe creative fulfillment is important, but so is financial stability- this is the episide for you!!!
My mission with this podcast is to guide and inspire you on your empowerment journey, and Katherine is one empowered mama!!! To learn more about here check out

Mastery Your Creative Flow

Tuesday May 23, 2023

Tuesday May 23, 2023

Astara Jane Ashley is the CEO and Publisher of Flower of Life Press, Transpersonal Psychotherapist, Art Therapist and Priestess. Astara is the founder of the best-selling New Feminine Evolutionary book series, which consists of six collaborative books and hundreds of authors. Through these potent and Divinely Feminine writing collaborations, she holds a sacred container for women to claim their power and their voice.
In this episode, we discuss why it's so important for us to own our stories by writing about them. She describes for us how to create a place of sovereignty and purpose.
Access Astara’s newest offering, “Divine Writing Journey” available at
Join Astara’s free online private Writer’s Group:
Learn more at

Tuesday May 16, 2023

As a mom, do you recall the last time you experienced pleasure, passion and play?  Well in this episode you'll gain some tips to reclaim "the three Ps" after kids.
My guest in this week’s episode of the Mother's Empowerment Podcast, Madison Young, is here to share her experience and her tips.
Madison is an American filmmaker, author, performance artist, feminist activist, and former adult film performer and award-winning erotic filmmaker. She is a prominent figure in the feminist porn movement and is known for their work as a queer and kink-focused educator and an advocate of sex workers’ rights.

Tuesday May 09, 2023

There is a lot of talk about the mental load and physical load of running being a mom. What about the PLEASURE OF BEING A MOM? - we NEED to be talking about this.
In this episode, Suzi brings her extensive knowledge of yoga, bodywork, sexuality, ritual, & ceremony into the conversation. You can find Suzi on Instagram @suzizobrist, and leading inside her Pussy School and Taboo Mastermind.
What You’ll Learn about from this Episode:
How we can intentionally make small changes that increase out capacity for pleasure
Inner honoring
The magic of the menstrual cycle

Tuesday May 02, 2023

Embodiment has been a HUGE part of what made motherhood doable. But many of us don't learn how to embody what we want. In this episode, Natalie Neckyfarow gleams some insight on what it looks like when you embody your future self, so you have the energy to live the life you dream of.
Why is embodiment so important? When we think of self-care, we think of it as outside of the messy chaos of our daily lives, but self-care is all about finding the time within the chaos to reclaim those moments in order to have the energy to live the life we desire. THIS IS EMBODIMENT.
What We Discuss with Natalie Neckyfarow:
Why embodiment is hard.
Why it’s important for moms to take care of themselves first.
How to find self-care within the chaos of your everyday life.
If you’re ready to experience empowered embodiment in real time you can join Natalie and I on May 16th (not the 15th, like I say in the episode!) you can join in at: Please join Natalie's Self Love Party at

Tuesday Apr 25, 2023

Listen up! Class is in session!!!
In this week's episode, I chat with Sacha Sterling (my sister AND business coach!) about cultivating sustainable village. She gives some tips and advice on what to do when you're feeling down, that I use on a daily basis. If you're feeling like you'd like to have more "village" in your life, this episode is for you!
Don't forget to give yourself grace and take care of yourself when you're feeling low. You can learn more about Sacha at


My heart is broken. I imagine yours is, too.

It can be hard to be present with all the pain and suffering that is happening in the world and in our own homes and lives.

At the same time, I know I came here to fully show up. To root all the way into my body, and into the Earth. To live EMPOWERED.

How do we become more open to love, and the very real pain that comes with it?

How do we act powerfully from our inner knowing, including claiming our pleasure, our rest, and our empowerment?

Inside each cell of our bodies lies a sleeping lotus. Like any seed, it can lie dormant, awaiting the proper conditions to blossom.

The lotus has its roots firmly planted in the mud. So my full hearted invitation to you, dear sister, is to take full responsibility for this one precious life you have been given, and to wake up in this incarnation. To rise up out of the mud.

The above statement is simple (I invite you to read it again, outloud), and takes a lifetime of courage to put into practice. Good thing we have exactly that… a lifetime!

As empowered women and mothers, we are here to accept the mess and limitation of human life, and to know that love is limitless.

The Mother’s Empowerment Show is here to offer you practical tools to help you breathe into that lotus.​ 

It’s time!

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