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Welcome to the Mother’s Empowerment Podcast where we help you build an empowering lifestyle from the inside out by keeping it simple, inspiring, and doable. Look for a new episode every Tuesday.

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Tuesday Nov 28, 2023

Join Dani and I as we dive deep into conversations surrounding empowerment during the holiday season; because it's high time we reclaim control over our well-being amidst all the chaos. Get ready to prioritize yourself guilt-free – after all, putting your own oxygen mask on first might just be the greatest gift you give this year! Dani Marie Roy NC has been practicing holistic nutrition for the last 11 years with thousands of woman + littles all over the world. Her passion for women's health grew out of working with pediatric age littles and realizing just how much their moms need and deserve the highest level of care as well. You can find all her nutritional care in all of our online nutrition packages here: Use Code MEP for all packages at 35% off.

Tuesday Nov 21, 2023

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Celebrating rites of passage is important for various reasons, as these ceremonies play a significant role in individual and societal development. Here are some key reasons why celebrating rites of passage is considered important:
Cultural Significance:
Rites of passage are often deeply rooted in cultural traditions and customs. They contribute to the preservation and transmission of cultural values, beliefs, and practices from one generation to the next. These ceremonies help individuals connect to their cultural heritage and maintain a sense of identity.
Individual Development:
Rites of passage mark important transitions in an individual's life, such as birth, adolescence, marriage, and death. These milestones serve as key markers in personal development and contribute to a person's sense of self and purpose. Celebrating these transitions helps individuals navigate and understand their changing roles and responsibilities.
Social Cohesion:
Rites of passage often involve communal participation, bringing together families, friends, and community members. The shared experience fosters a sense of belonging and strengthens social bonds. These ceremonies reinforce the idea that individuals are part of a larger social fabric.
Psychological Impact:
Recognizing and celebrating significant life events can have a positive psychological impact. It provides a sense of achievement, validation, and recognition for individuals as they move from one stage of life to another. This can contribute to increased self-esteem and a sense of purpose.
Guidance and Education:
Rites of passage often involve rituals, ceremonies, and teachings that provide guidance and education to individuals entering a new stage of life. Elders or community leaders may impart wisdom, skills, and cultural knowledge during these ceremonies, helping younger generations navigate their roles and responsibilities.
Transition Management:
Major life transitions can be challenging to navigate. Rites of passage provide a structured and culturally meaningful way to manage these transitions. They offer a framework for individuals to understand and embrace the changes they are undergoing.
Continuity and Stability:
Rites of passage contribute to the stability and continuity of societies by providing a framework for handling transitions across generations. These ceremonies reinforce societal norms and values, ensuring that core beliefs are passed down and upheld.
Spiritual or Religious Significance:
Many rites of passage have spiritual or religious significance. They may involve rituals that connect individuals to a higher power or a broader spiritual context. These ceremonies often reinforce the importance of spiritual values and beliefs. In summary, celebrating rites of passage is important for the individual and society as a whole, as it helps maintain cultural identity, fosters social cohesion, supports personal development, and provides a structured framework for managing life transitions.

Tuesday Nov 14, 2023

In this eye-opening interview with Patricia Lohan we talk about the immense power of letting go and incorporating Feng shui into our lives. From decluttering our physical spaces to releasing emotional baggage, she shares invaluable insights on how these practices can transform our energy and bring positive change. I highly recommend checking out her work and learning from her wisdom at Thank you, Patricia, for sharing your knowledge with us! 🌟 #lettinggo #fengshui #positiveenergy.
Website and social links:
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Tuesday Nov 07, 2023

In this episode Lisa Foster and I talk about regulating our nervous systems as a way to create a consious family culture.
Lisa is an amazing mother to two wonderful teenagers, the proud owner of Mapleton CranioSacral Therapy, and the host of the Real Life Momz Podcast, a self-help platform designed to provide moms with the resources and inspiration they need to live the life they desire.
Website: Real Life Momz:
Mapleton Craniosacral Therapy:
Free Download: 7 Ways To Regulate Your Nervous System:
Book mentioned: Mindfullness: An 8 week plan for finding peace in a frantic world. Mark Williams
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Tuesday Oct 31, 2023

In this episode Tanya Lynn and I discuss the terms "sister wound," "mother wound," and "witch wound". These concepts are not clinically recognized disorders but are used in certain psychological and therapeutic contexts to understand and address specific forms of emotional distress. Seeing how each of these wounds coresponds with a healing balm is Tanya's zone of genius. You can watch the episode on youtube at
Tanya Lynn is the visionary founder of Sistership Circle, a global organization that has trained tens of thousands of women how to fill, lead and grow their women’s circles. With her truth telling style of leadership, she has a gift of seeing the brilliance in women and activating them to step into their power.
She has successfully integrated the masculine and feminine within herself, making her both fierce and soft, strategic and able to surrender, mission driven yet highly relatable with her vulnerability.
She has been gathering community since growing up as a little girl in San Diego CA, and lived in various places around the world including China, Japan, Spain and currently Costa Rica where she’s building a goddess temple and retreat center with her husband and business partner Brent.
Tanya is the best selling author of multiple books including Open Your Heart: How to Be a New Generation Feminine Leader, The Art of Leading Circle and The Women’s Circle Ritual Handbook.
Here are some resources we discussed on this episode: - archetype activations - witch wound
Starhawk - Spiral Dance -
Bethany Webster - Mother Wound article -
Sister Wound podcast -
Quanita Robertson -
Anat Peri -
Baba Yaga -
Women Who Run with the Wolves -
Art of Leading Circle -
Women's Circle Ritual Handbook -
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Tuesday Oct 24, 2023

In this episode, we are honored to introduce Michele Santo, a certified EFT practitioner with over a decade of experience in helping individuals overcome emotional and psychological challenges using EFT tapping. Michele is also an inspired energy healer and writer. She helps women create more fulfilling relationships by asking for what they want (without hurting a soul). Her YouTube videos are a portal to peace. You can find her gift at and You can learn about The Mother's Empowerment Sisterhood at Editing by Brendan Linzey and music by Matthew Randolph

Tuesday Oct 17, 2023

Welcome to another episode of The Mother's Empowerment Podcast, the podcast that's all about helping you achieve your best self through personal empowering choices. I'm your host, Isabelle, and today we have an insightful interview that delves into the importance of cleaning up your skincare routine. Gabi Day is the CEO, Founder, and Formulator of Bright Body and Bright Body Baby, nontoxic and refillable skin + hair care for both adults and littles.
While bedbound with multiple chronic illnesses, she started reading ingredient lists, keen to give her immune system a break. When she couldn't find a brand that met her standards for ingredient safety and sustainability, she learned cosmetic chemistry and developed that brand herself, launching in October 2017.
After becoming a mom to identical twin boys 4.5 years later, she found herself disappointed in nontoxic baby products. It seemed like harsh ingredients, greenwashing, and plastic packaging were the norm. So, when her twins were just 3 months old, she started formulating products for littles and launched Bright Body Baby in October 2022.
Gabi lives + breathes the science behind personal care products, with a commitment to clean ingredients and sustainability. She believes that "clean" products should nourish the body AND the planet.. You can grab your exclusive discount at (15% off 1st purchase code: EMPOWER) Gabi's Facebook Business Page: And Gabi's Instagram: You can learn about The Mother's Empowerment Sisterhood at Editing by Brendan Linzey and music by Matthew Randolph

Tuesday Oct 10, 2023

In this episoed I interview Lauren Tatner, founder of Law of Happy. Lauren is an attorney, author, inspirational teacher, and host of the “Law of Happy” Podcast.
She is a graduate of Université de Montréal, Faculty of Law, where she earned four law degrees. Lauren is certified as a Reiki Teacher, Consulting Hypnotist, Meditation Teacher, Laughter Yoga Leader, and Fitness Instructor Specialist. She also trained in Theatre, Dance, Zumba, Voice, Mediation, Public Speaking, Improv, Clown, Comedy, Past Life Regression (with American Psychiatrist, Dr. Brian Weiss, and Carole Weiss), Shamanism, and Qigong.
Lauren has always been fascinated with the mind, body, and spirit connection. She is passionate about teaching the power of laughter, meditation, and movement in a fun and relatable way. When Lauren gives talks and leads workshops in the corporate and private sectors, she uses a unique approach that integrates elements of her diverse skills and experience.
Lauren is the mother of twins and a rescue pup.
You can learn about Mom-ME Circle at Editing by Brendan Linzi and music by Matthew Randolph

Tuesday Oct 03, 2023

💎Setting boundaries is like forming a diamond - it takes time, pressure, and strength. But once the boundary is formed, it shines and radiates with beauty and clarity. So let's remember to set our boundaries and protect our precious selves ✨ You can learn more about The Mother's Empowerment Sisterhood at

Tuesday Sep 26, 2023

Jessica Snyder has been coaching for almost a decade. With her experience as a labor and delivery nurse, she started with birth coaching to help women feel confident, educated, and empowered - encouraging a mindful and intuitive birth. Her comprehensive fertility guide and birth prep courses offer tons of natural methods, herbs, and alternative options while also discussing pertinent medical information, allowing women to feel well rounded in their knowledge to choose what’s best for their bodies and their babies.
Since becoming a mother herself, she has expanded her work by helping moms rediscover and follow their passions to create balance and align with their mommy life. Motherhood is an incredibly magical time of growth in so many ways and Jessica loves walking alongside women on their path and witnessing their transformation as they step into their new role.
Jessica is a mommy circle & retreat host and lover of women’s gatherings. She also curates Mother’s Blessing events (a way of celebrating a mother before birth) and  the founder of Intimate Mama where her offerings can be found at
You can learn about the Mother's Empowerment Sisterhood at


My heart is broken. I imagine yours is, too.

It can be hard to be present with all the pain and suffering that is happening in the world and in our own homes and lives.

At the same time, I know I came here to fully show up. To root all the way into my body, and into the Earth. To live EMPOWERED.

How do we become more open to love, and the very real pain that comes with it?

How do we act powerfully from our inner knowing, including claiming our pleasure, our rest, and our empowerment?

Inside each cell of our bodies lies a sleeping lotus. Like any seed, it can lie dormant, awaiting the proper conditions to blossom.

The lotus has its roots firmly planted in the mud. So my full hearted invitation to you, dear sister, is to take full responsibility for this one precious life you have been given, and to wake up in this incarnation. To rise up out of the mud.

The above statement is simple (I invite you to read it again, outloud), and takes a lifetime of courage to put into practice. Good thing we have exactly that… a lifetime!

As empowered women and mothers, we are here to accept the mess and limitation of human life, and to know that love is limitless.

The Mother’s Empowerment Show is here to offer you practical tools to help you breathe into that lotus.​ 

It’s time!

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